Today I have written this article to share my experience of completing my FLUTTER APP DEVELOPMENT training under World Record Holder Mr. Vimal Daga sir founder of Linux World Informatics. It was really a wonderfull journey where I have learnt not only Flutter concepts Integrating the many tools.

I got to know about the training. The course content which has been delivered is really good with the hands on practical. I loved the way to give attendence where we can write our own blogs or we can comment on the LinkedIn. This helped many of the students to get exposure to the corporate world. Let me share the content I have learnt.

  1. Basics of the Front end design part here we are used the widgets like Statefull widget and Stateless widget.
  2. Task will be given like to Create the Music Player App.
  3. How Integrate Flutter with the Docker
  4. How to Connect front end to backend using the webserver.
  5. Here I have learnt the Backend was Firebase. It was an new technology for us and the way sir taught me is Excellent.
  6. In the Firebase how to sign-in with Google, Cloud Firestore, Database, Cloud Storage these are all the concepts we are learnt.
  7. How to Integrate Google maps that is Location.
  8. How to do Unique Animations in the App.
  • “No technology is challenging or difficult or complex as the world says to us or approaches to us since it is MAN-MADE. You just need the right path or approach to understand the technology and take it further as per one’s requirement”. Right thinking or positive thinking that “Yes I Can Do It” can change one’s life drastically.

These were the words of Mr. VIMAL DAGA SIR

I would really say that I have got the right path from Vimal sir where I need to stand in this world.

There were many tasks that has been given that we have completed. All the tasks that has been completed.

It was really an awesome journey of FLUTTER APP DEVELOPMENT . Its’s my honor that I got the guidance from world record holder Mr. Vimal Daga sir at LinuxWorld Informatics and I would like to suggest everyone who is interested in innovating things and learning new technology should try it.