Today I have written this article to share my experience of completing my FLUTTER APP DEVELOPMENT training under World Record Holder Mr. Vimal Daga sir founder of Linux World Informatics. It was really a wonderfull journey where I have learnt not only Flutter concepts Integrating the many tools.

I got to know about the training. The course content which has been delivered is really good with the hands on practical. I loved the way to give attendence where we can write our own blogs or we can comment on the LinkedIn. This helped many of the students to get exposure…

In this article we’ll try to build a chat app with Flutter and Firebase . Our app will have the feature.

Sign in by Google Account

Chat one to one with other users(send text, image, stickers)

  1. Creating project on Firebase

First, if you would like to use Google Sign in, to get SHA-1 Key.

Remember that the keytool only accepts one parameter but two “-exportcert -list” are suggested. The “-exportcert” parameter is redundant and can be omitted from the commands.

Second , add this line import ‘package:cloud_firestore/cloud_firestore.dart’;

Start the Cloud Firestore and Storage

Then enable sign in method with Google.

In this blog we are going to see how to use a stream builder, what is a stream builder and how to implement it. This blog will is the continuation of the last blog I wrote on flutter Linux in which we run Linux command and get output from firebase. But in that what if we have a large team all run command and you are an administrator you have to keep an eye on the system what command users are running. So here, Stream builder come in play. I request if you have not seen that blog please go…

This blog is all about what is firebase and how can we save data inside it and how to get an output from it.

In this article, we are going to see an app that can run a command on Linux terminal and for that, we use CGI-bin. It’s like there is someone in your Operating System who is waiting as soon as you send command it will run particular command. CGI-bin can be written in any language. Here we are using python and we will make this script on AWS cloud instance.

Cgi bin Redhat OS can be found…

Raghavendra D C

This Blog helps to run Linux Commands Using Flutter

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